OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY 2018: Polkadot Helmet - Hoodie

BRAND NEW Collegiate designs for 2018 are coming! We are so excited for this years designs and can't wait to get them in your stores.


All Shortsleeve styles will start shipping July 15th, and Longsleeves/Sweatshirts will start shipping September 1st.


All designs are offered in longsleeve styles ONLY UNTIL August 1st, we will then be choosing only the best sellers to continue in the longsleeve styles, so make sure and pre-order your favorites in those styles!!

Bella Canvas & Comfort Colors shirts are BACK by popular demand. These will be printed in house in OKC, on actual Bella Canvas Triblend V-necks, and Shortsleeve & Longsleeve Comfort Colors Styles. 


7 items left!!

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